I'll start by saying Shana is awesome! Beginning in my late teens I found myself not quite understanding who I was. Struggling through my teen years and early twenties to find myself really put me in a deep depression. I found myself turning to alcohol and isolating myself from any kind of social life, due to feeling like I did not belong. This problem was affecting me in many aspects of life, such as my physical health, mental health, spiritual health, social life and family. I wasn't sure I'd ever come to terms with the man I was and the man that I am. When I first met with Shana the first thing I felt was warmth and welcome. I was able to open up to her much easier than people I've known my whole life. You know when you’re speaking to her your speaking to someone who truly cares. Her wisdom is second to none. She helped me put things into perspective. 

Identity, finances, relationships and social life are all things she gave me new hope and plans for. It wasn't an overnight process but meeting with her and having her words with me through each day has strengthened my will to strive and opened my eyes to the reality that I CAN be more that I ever thought I could be. If you're struggling in life, seeking wisdom, seeking advice, need a plan to achieve goals or just want some sort of life plan I would highly recommend you contact Shana Love. She is brilliant at what she does and makes it her goal to get you to your goals. Thank you Shana for my new found light!
-Nick G., Driver, Millbrae, CA

This is my testimony. I have been seeking God since an altar boy at age 10. Forty-five years later, I've hiked many treacherous mountainous trails, including studying medicine, investing in psycho therapeutic processes and experimenting with many forms of legal and illegal drugs. Recently, the number one desire of my heart was to know Him, and yesterday, in the capable, anointed hands of Shana Love, I finally found Him. I found the Most High inside Me. Thank you, Jesus.

Shana has such pure intention, is 100% available and obedient to the spirit of God so that her breakthrough guidance is perfect. She is an angel coach and therapeutic genius who helps you sort through fears, demons and cares of this world - to guide you to the Holy of Holies inside, allowing you to commune with God. She did it for me and she can do it for you. Take a step of faith and Shana will lead you to your long awaited spiritual breakthrough.
- Walt S., Dir. of Development, San Jose, CA

Shana Love is an exceptional coach with intuitive listening abilities. She is guided by Spirit. I am so thankful that she heard my deep pain, reflected and validated my feelings, and supported me with tools to build my inner-self. I highly recommend Shana Love as a Life Coach to someone who especially wants to heal and move past brokenness.

-Angela A., Blogger, Los Angeles, CA

I've never taken the time to write a review about anything or anyone in all my life, but I would be truly remiss not to share the best kept secret on the west coast, Shana Love! Talk about as good as it gets, she is so much more than a "Life Coach", interweaving real tangible experiences for real life tangible results that last a now, beautiful life time. But please, don't take my word for it, experience now what you've been waiting for your whole life. Take your life back - I did! Forever grateful....thanks Shana.

-Roc S., Aquatics Instructor, Los Angeles, CA

Shana is an excellent coach who is extremely intuitive and powerful in a gentle way of guiding you to what you need to see or do. She is very professional and was always organized and present for every session. I loved her style, felt comfortable with her instantly, and came to respect her knowledge and experience in many areas. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and was so grateful to have found her when I did. She made a difference in my life. Thank you Shana.
-Jody K., Fitness Trainer, North Vancouver, BC

Shana provides superlative support to others no matter what life challenges you may be going through. Shana personally helped me overcome my depression which attacked my self-esteem. I am truly grateful for the support and advice Shana provided me during the difficult chapter of my life. Shana has a true gift and wants to share it with others.
-Adonia W., Real Estate Portfolio Mgr., Oakland, CA

When we had our initial consultation Ms. Love gained my trust and confidence with the insight that she shared with me. Through my coaching sessions with her I realized that one of the reasons that I was not moving forward was fear but more than that the inaction that fear created in me over time. Through her honest feedback I was able to have a personal revelation. Through the revelation I was able to create an action plan to make progress on my goals. Ms. Love is an insightful person. This seems to be a calling for her. She is passionate and positive.
-Jan B., Teacher, Atlanta, GA

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