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What Life Coaching is:
Coaching is both a dynamic, interactive process and a relationship based on trust and mutuality. A coach evokes a coachee’s self discovery and growth by using specific strategies and tools leading them to create the positive changes they desire. Coaches act as accountability partners who keep you on track toward your goals and as mirrors that objectively reflect your life back to you. Some of the common benefits of working with a coach are: greater clarity and confidence, better understanding of self and others, structure and motivation to execute on goals, reduced stress, and better coping skills. The benefits you receive from coaching with Shana Love will depend on the issue(s) you choose to work on and how you participate in the coaching process.

What Life Coaching isn’t:
There are numerous proven benefits from coaching. However they are not guaranteed. Coaches can not magically change a person or their circumstances. What coaches can do is lead clients to profound insights, offer wisdom and guidance; they share valuable information, provide helpful resources and encouragement to motivate clients to achieve their personal and/or professional goals. Nevertheless, in respect to coaching, the old adage “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” holds true. Coaching clients must act on the wealth of material offered by their coach in order to truly move forward.

What to expect from Shana:
Although Shana Love openly discloses her Christian faith, she is not a “Christian Coach.” The services of Aleph Coaching and Consulting are entirely secular and powerfully effective for anyone regardless of their beliefs. “Christian deep-level healing” is made available to anyone upon request.

Shana Love is not a traditional coach. Her approach is deeply personal because she honors the immense importance of each individual's life and because she operates from a basis of profound agape love. Unlike most coaches, she will, when appropriate, offer advice, guidance, observations, and share from her own experience to facilitate the breakthroughs her clients long for.